Coptic United Football Club is a family oriented and incorporated club, which offers participation in football, through passion, faith and the community heartbeat. The club was established in2007.
Under the guidance of Father Mikhail Mikhail the club was formally named Coptic United. Initially the club was established to spiritually serve the community through sport.
As the club grew over the years its expansion spread throughout the Hills are making sure people of all faiths and denominations feel welcome in football.
Coptic United strives for the inclusion of all under the love of Jesus Christ. 


In 2015 the First grade won CUFC their first championship in the Churches League competition, with both the First and Reserve grade reaching the Finals that season. The club consistently reached the Finals in subsequent years, securing a victory in the Hills District Premier League Final in 2017, just one year after transitioning to the Hills Football League.
By the grace of God and the support of the entire community, CUFC has also been able to successfully develop a Women’steam who have participated in the Hills Competition for the last three years. After Reaching the Semi-Finals in 2022, they were able to blitz the competition in 2023 winning the championship as Minor Premiers of the season.
2023 marked a major milestone in the club’s expansion, having a 12s, 14s, 16s, All Age Women’s, and two All Age Men’s teamin the Hills District Competition.


Sports can teach us, as athletes and fans, important life lessons about respect, honesty, integrity, fair play, and developing skills for dealing with adversity.

The discipline and personal sacrifices necessary for athletic success mirror Christian asceticism that teaches us to deal positively with balancing human passions, intelligence, and will.