At Coptic United FC, we’re more than just a soccer club – we’re a close-knit family united by our love for the game and our shared Christian faith. Join us, and you’ll become part of a passionate community of players, coaches, parents, and fans who not only embrace the excitement of soccer but also celebrate the unity and values inspired by our Christian beliefs. Together, we strive to foster a supportive environment that blends the thrill of sports with the spiritual connection that comes from being a part of Coptic United FC.


Coptic United Football Club (CUFC) is a family oriented incorporated club and offers participation in football, through passion, faith and the community heartbeat. Our club was established in 2007 and making sure people all around the hills and of all faiths and denominations feel welcome in football.


For everyone, everywhere

Our Coaches

Highly qualified and experienced coaches that focus on individual development and progress, at Junior SAP level, through to working as a high performing team at Youth level

Our Community

Our members, players and coaches work together with the local community to ensure our Club continues to grow to allow our players to develop, not only footballers, but as members of the local community, through volunteer and charity work

Our History

With a proud history of producing exceptional players, we are the first choice of local talent. We work towards developing players, in a high performance culture, to achieve football success